Where Two Are Gathered:

Christ Centered Counseling Re-visted

When the spirit is welcomed in a counseling session, an adequate or otherwise good session  can be transformed into a “divine appointment.” 

But what if the dark cloud of mental health problems blocks the light of the spirit from the eyes of the counselee? Whether you’re a pastor; a deacon; a priest; a church youth pastor/director; a pastoral counselor, or a Christ-centered licensed mental health provider, you can benefit from the tools and insights offered in this groundbreaking book. Drawing from scripture; personal and professional experience, as well as universal psychological principles,  Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen and Dr. Bruce Narramore provide a path forward from confusion to clarity. For those Christ-centered servants, whose vocation it is to serve believers beleaguered by depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, this book could be the ideal source.

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