1. Shrink Rapped

Shrink Rapped
words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D., aka Dr BLT © 2020

you thought that shrinks wore spectacles
and long, old-fashioned beards
you thought that shrinks were nuts and yo
you thought that shrinks were weird
until the day you met a shrink
that forced you to adapt
your biased view of shrinks it seems
was just a bunch of crap 'cause

the shrink rapped, he danced around and clapped
he rapped into the microphone
until his lips were chapped
his musical prescriptions
are music to your ears
the shrink rapped all your blues away
and rocked away your fears

he rapped about emotions
like fear and guilt and grief
he said to let them out
would be a way to get relief
just mix a little rhythm with the music in your soul
the shrink rapped to the rhythm of
that good old rock n roll, I said (chorus)

he said to err is human
forgiveness is divine
he rapped upon your brain
and then he rapped upon your spine
a modern-day Pied Piper
he's Dr. B.L.T.
and if you haven't guessed by now
that rappin' shrink is me